Teetering on platforms reflecting on clouds

Leading-ladies-Pride-Prejudice-ZombiesA word cloud generator was just one of the many neato-techy-type things I’ve tried in the past few months, but it might be my top pick. Perhaps that is due to the feeling that it told me something about myself, whereas my other forays taught me a bit more about what other people are up to. What can I say, some days I am my own favorite subject. I entered into it all of the text of my WordPress posts, and it seems to portray someone focused on ‘feel’ings and ‘people’. Hmm, maybe that is why it also includes ‘run’ and ‘away’. I’m pretty sure the words weren’t proximal when in my posts. I like that it includes the word ‘yes’ rather than ‘no.’ I find it kinda fascinating how a blog post about Anne Frank led to ‘Frank’ becoming one of my most prominent words because I am tickled to regard the word in the cloud as an adjective. The cloud is probably at its most frank when it reveals the inclusion of both ‘space’ and ‘time’. Yes cloud, me want.

features-10Thanks to platforms like Tumbler I have even greater FOMO than before. There is just SO much good stuff out there I want to look at/play with, and so little time.

cloud-time-tracking-300x258I lament that I did not have as much time these past months to delve further into Social Media. I realllllly wanted to. I feel like so many opportunities for me to learn aren’t being fully realized. My attempts aren’t for naught – but if I had more time I’d so love to go broader and deeper.

At least I’m further along than I was a few months ago. Alas, a low bar.

Now, when I click on an image that I find via Google Image search, I no longer have to suffer the obnoxious countdown before Pinterest blocks me from viewing it like it used to do before I created a Pinterest account. I have one now – and I am embarrassed to admit that I do.


I’m not itching to look into Social Media categories like photography and virtual worlds, and I still hate FaceBook. It does far more harm than good.


Forums to share info appeal far more to me than those prone to social posturing and selfie-manipulation.

I will definitely look into ‘documents and content’ options like Wordie.

I’m excited to experiment with more ‘question and answer’ & social commerce sites. One at the top of my list is Milo, and yes, that’s essentially because it has a cute logo.  milo-logo

I was already a fan of ‘reviews and ratings’ platforms like Yelp. And, well, I have a very very special relationship with Amazon. I will leave it at that for now.

I like crowdsourcing wisdom. It can clue you in to things you can take to the bank – like that a Trump hotel has a dead bug prominently trapped in a picture hanging in one of their bathrooms. Plan your accommodations accordingly. request__dead_bug_logo__by_cho_x_chang


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