Oh no, I’m doing it again

I’m still mixing metaphors and cutting across dirt paths with abandon rather than a compass. I’ve been surfing the net looking for writing advice. Based on the frequency with which it is mentioned as a ‘don’t’, it seems safe to say that my tendency to constantly branch off in my writing is, well, utterly annoying […]

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Have you ever heard or read a scathing review of characteristics or tendencies and been a bit chagrined to privately recognize and acknowledge that you are similarly, or exactly, ‘guilty’ of all the ‘crimes’ being railed about? Stop peering into my soul! More often than not, a brief moment of discomfiture is quickly supplanted by […]

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Poe woe

This post is sort of a ‘Part II’ to my “Come a Little Closer” post. Before I begin to write about Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart, I feel that I need to educate myself about Poe the author. Attempt to determine what is typical for him. Familiarize myself with many of his other […]

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Come a little closer

I must pause my forays into the multitudinous types of social media and go positively ‘old school’ and discuss a famous short story that initially appeared on, ohhhh, paper.  I’d like to talk about close reading, and, frankly, making more work for myself. One of my pet interests is the management of grudges and desires for […]

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